“We (Henry, Rel, and Josh) had the time of our lives tearing apart a duck, watching a goose get forced-fed, and dashing out of the way of a 500 pound pig as she used her nose to exhume truffles. In short, it was a hedonistic dream and we are forever grateful for your knowledge, warmth and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the new and wondrous experiences.”
Henry, Rel and Josh (Truffles and Foie Gras in the Dordogne)
“It’s been years that I’ve dreamed of this winter “stage de cuisine” in “La France Profonde” that I love so much. I am thrilled to have been able to introduce Henry, Josh and Rel to the “Patti – R. – Liaisons Délicieuses”. My own memories going back over 20 years to the very first “essai” in Brittany and through the intervening years to many other charming corners of France. Always such a warm time with you, dear friend. Here’s to many more.”
Debbie (Truffles and Foie Gras in the Dordogne)
“This trip has been an eye-opener. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity to get to know you and your knowledge of France. There have been many new memories I have made and will most definitely not forget. You are truly an amazing person and have made this trip beyond incredible. Thank you so much for the greatest experience I have had so far.”
Ashley (24) (Truffles and Foie Gras in the Dordogne)

“I am making chestnut pasta (which I bought at the Truffle Museum) with wild mushroom sauce tonight. Thought I might use truffle oil and a tad of the truffle! We loved the trip and had a wonderful time on our culinary adventure!!  We especially enjoyed being with you and Kent.  Thanks for a great job — we loved it!!!”
Ann, Bethesda (Truffle Hunting in the Dordogne)
“The Perigord trip was such a grand success and so carefully thought out and/or adjusted to daily needs that I put it VERY high on our list of adventures. Pierre gave us so much of his skills and left me with eagerness to try many of the recipes.”
Shirley, San Francisco (Truffle Hunting in the Dordogne)
“I’m gazing out the window at eight inches of snow here in Summit, and missing Vietnam! It was truly the most marvelous trip, and becomes more so as I relate the highlights to friends and family—they are amazed that we did and saw so many things during our time there, and, looking back, so am I. Your enthusiasm, talent for organization, attention to detail, calm leadership, and endless patience ensured that we all had what Martha Ann described as the ‘special experience’ that she said set your tours apart. Having not traveled with a group since I was 19, I wasn’t at all sure that this was for me, but you’ve made me a convert—I look forward to my next trip with Les Liaisons.”
Carol R., Summit, NJ (Vietnam)
“Les Liaisons Délicieuses continues to break new trails, to forge new friendships, and offer amazing culinary adventures. Bravo! We’re looking forward to the next time we can be with you.”
Peter A. (on his 5th trip), Clifton, NJ (Trips include Morocco, Alsace, Provence, Brittany and Bordeaux)
“Every time I go on your trips, I think that it can’t possibly be better than the last, but it always is better. Morocco has been perfect—the cooking classes, the cultural forays, and the splendidly interesting people. I can’t wait for my next trip.”
Tom M. (on his 4th trip), Washington, DC (Morocco)
“What an incredible week in beautiful Alsace. Spontaneous friendships, inspired cooking, and elegant wines. The jokes were great, too! Next year in…Provence, the Jura, Brittany…oh heck, anywhere you go!”
Bea B. (on her 3rd trip), Augusta, GA (Alsace)
“This week in Provence has been like an unexpected jewel one comes across only rarely in life. The food, wine, auberge, people, and ambiance were extraordinary.”
June A., New York, NY (Provence)
“What wonderful memories we will have of our first trip to France. We enjoyed every minute of every day!”
Paul & Simone P., Providence, RI (Côte d’Azur)
“This week has created memories that I will treasure always. I have been introduced to the French people, their cuisine, and their beautiful country in a unique and delightful manner.”
Sue S., New Canaan, CT (Dordogne)
“Whatever anyone would want was here—incredible food, breathtaking scenery, great laughs and your way of making everyone feel part of a special group.”
Susan H., Washington, DC (Brittany)
“Thank you for a superlative week in my life. From the cooking to the camaraderie, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”
Gerald L., Canada (Pays-Basque)
“What a fabulous way to begin the Christmas season. Lyon has been a feast for all the senses thanks to you and Jean-Marc. We loved it all. Vive la France and Les Liaisons Délicieuses.”
Olwen & Peter B. (on their 3rd trip), Jacksonville, FL (Lyon-Christmas Trip)
“Thank you for such a special introduction to Bordeaux. We will never forget the fabulous meals and wines. Kinette and Michel are truly inspiring.”
Cille & Mike R., Atlanta, GA (Bordeaux)
“This was a trip to remember! We experienced things that we never would on our own. You were the perfect leader—flexible, creative, and patient. We fell in love with the Château St. Paterne and Charles-Henry and his family. I hate to go home!”
Judy J., Charleston, SC (Normandy)
“Not only—amazingly—did this trip exceed the great pleasures of my previous experiences with Les Liaisons Délicieuses, but each day, each adventure and discovery exceeded the one before. Très, très bien. Merci beaucoup for fun and friendship.”
Patricia L. (on her 4th trip), Alexandria, VA (Provence)
“Perfect food, perfect setting, total indulgence. I am not a gourmet cook and I don’t ‘do tours,’ but this was special. I made some wonderful new friends, picked up some handy cooking tips, loved the market excursions with our Chef, and the wines were over the top.”
Ginny H., Chicago, IL (Brittany)