photos_site_005Imagine the thrill of cooking alongside a world-renowned French chef in his or her state-of-the-art restaurant kitchen. Imagine learning how to prepare such delicacies as baby capon poached with truffles or a perfectly pink rack of lamb served with a ragoût of wild mushrooms, with the chef personally showing you all the special tricks of the trade. And then, when the last mouthwatering morsel has been artfully arranged on the plate, imagine taking off your apron and settling down at your very own table on a sunlit terrace to enjoy the best that the kitchen has to offer, with carefully chosen regional wines.
photos_site_004Travelers will eat the very best food the region offers, discover where it is produced and learn about the region as well through the lens of food. Exploring culinary delights is a central part of each Les Liaisons Delicieuses trip, whether you want to:

  • simply enjoy excellent food and wine from the local region
  • watch the preparation of the meal – a feast you will soon enjoy
  • learn/work alongside renowned chefs in their private/closed kitchens

Wine from the local region is paired with the courses. And often, you visit the local farms, vineyards and sites where the ingredients originate and experience first hand how local delicacies are created.
Combine delicious culinary experiences with intriguing cultural explorations and you are in for the trip of a lifetime.